Here are some pointers on how to perfectly pack your Boxes..

Organise | Pack In Tight | Store.

1) Organise. Plan ahead as much as possible and group items together that you'll want back at the same time. E.g if you’re storing a winter coat, a pair of Welly Boots and lots of woolly socks, those items should probably all go in the same Box. This helps to avoid requesting back 2 or 3 boxes for just a few items. You can even pack Boxes for occasions; maybe have a Beach Box with your wetsuit, rashguard, board shorts, and beachwear in it or a Ski Box with your Helmet, Gloves, Heated Socks, Goggles Jacket and boots in or Wedding Box with your suit, shoes and few pairs of nice clothes to wear the rest of the weekend.

2) Pack it Tight. After you’ve got everything sorted into Boxes, use soft things like towels or t-shirts to protect any delicate or fragile items you’re storing. Also, try to spread heavier items across several Boxes to distribute the weight. This ensures that the Boxes won't be under too much stress and makes life a lot easier for our team!

3) Store. Once you’re finished packing, pop in the security tags that came with the box and just wait for your collection. Remember our Boxes are stackable to save you space.
More top Tips:

  • Take a picture of your Box so you can remember what’s inside.
  • Vacuum-Sealed Bags are a great way to efficiently store things like duvets, winter clothes, blankets, and pillows.
  • Divide up your Box with Cardboard partitions so you can pack in fragile items nice and tight
  • The fuller the Box the less movement inside that happens. Don’t over fill them but pack them tight and maybe use towels or clothes to pad out the Box and wrap up delicate Items.
  • Clothes and Blankets….. Don’t fold, roll!